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The Bob McCown Podcast

EP 170 - JOHN GIBBONS, former manager of the Toronto Blue Jays


A familiar face to Blue Jays fans everywhere, JOHN GIBBONS, joins Bob and John on the podcast to discuss some of Bob's favourite topics surrounding Major League Baseball.

We learn about John's role with the Braves, the players John is scouting and who is easier to evaluate, Pitchers or position players?

As today's show is about baseball, it is only natural that the gentleman spend some time on the pitching problem that is plaguing the league. Does the former manager think it's as much of a problem as the other two do? If so, how do we change it.

Also in the show, the three cover the analytic side of the game, cheating, player management and is Mike Trout still the best in the game?


Episode 170

by Fadoo Productions