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by Emma Edwards
The Broke Generation

Credit Card Debt, Low Self Esteem and Saving Without even Trying


In this episode I chat to Jess King, content creator at @jesselleking and fellow reformed spendaholic. We talk about how low self esteem can manifest itself into a negative relationship with money, how Jess and I ended up in debt via a similar path, how she’s healed her relationship with money and what she does now to save with minimal effort.

Where to find Jess:

Instagram: @jesselleking

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv40sqvt9bSlrtl6CnVXI3w

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Where to find me:

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this podcast is general in nature and should not be considered financial advice, nor used to make a financial or investment decision. Please seek professional advice for information tailored to your own circumstances.


Episode 8

by Emma Edwards