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The Bugging Out Podcast

The Bugging Out Podcast - Trailer

The Bugging Out Podcast
The Bugging Out Podcast

The Bugging Out Podcast.

Our world is riddled with disasters, pandemics and civil unrest. As populations continue to rise and our communities become more and more dependent on our modern systems, the entire civilization becomes increasingly fragile and unstable. Living in this society requires us to think beyond the current safety of our homes and to imagine a time when home, becomes dangerous. When leaving becomes vital, when bugging out becomes necessary. Introducing a new podcast series for preppers, survivalists and everyday people who understand the fragility of our 21st century existence and who want to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Episode one drops 3/22/22

The Bugging Out Podcast is brought to you by Battlbox.

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Podcast produced by V6 Media & Casual Preppers.

The Bugging Out Podcast
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