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The By Land Podcast

#137 - Wild Places, Sheep, and Making the Most of It with Adam Foss

The By Land Podcast
The By Land Podcast

Adam Foss grew up hunting sheep in the mountains with his father and brother. He learned at a young age what it looked like to work hard for something, admire the beauty of accomplishment, and fully appreciate where sheep call home. If you want to hunt sheep, you’re going to experience some pretty incredible yet rugged country. Sheep hunting doesn’t come easy, which is probably why those that do it are in a league of their own.

Adam is now a professional photographer and his imagery can be found on the pages of photo books and in high-end ads for well-known brands. Chances are that if you follow brands like Sitka, Yeti, or Matthews then you’ve seen plenty of his work. His images have a way of transporting the viewer to the exact moment in time when the picture was taken.

I am humbled to put Adam on my list of guests and honored to have had the opportunity to connect with him for an episode.

Show Notes and Links

  • Adam’s background and current profession
  • How Adam manages such a long and active hunting season
  • The relationship between hunting and the discipline of sport
  • Decision-making in the mountains
  • Mental tools to deal with hard situations in the backcountry
  • On Adam's long-term relationship with the outdoors
  • How Adam’s appreciation for the places he goes impacts his photography
  • How Adam started a photography business with his wife
  • Adam's passion for sheep
  • Trying to explain the story of hunting to the general public
  • Emory’s fall hunting experience with a bear
  • Entering a hunting flow state
  • Why hunting is important to our culture and the human experience
  • Thoughts on conservation as a whole
  • How to follow up with Adam and his work
  • Foss Media: https://www.foss.media/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fossman8
  • Best Laid Plans Film: https://youtu.be/-VzXkJ4yk0M
  • Searching For West Film: https://youtu.be/XoTsM5RYZPU
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