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The By Land Podcast

#141 - Backpacking and Dogs with Bailey Bremner

The By Land Podcast
The By Land Podcast

Backpacking with dogs is something I think most of us dream of doing, but for Bailey Bremner, it’s a reality. Bailey is not only an accomplished backpacker and thru-hiker in her own right, but her dogs are too. Prima and Skittles have likely hiked more miles than most, and between the 3 of them, they’ve hiked thousands of miles along some of the most beautiful trails in the United States.

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things while at the same time underestimating what is actually involved in an activity. Bailey joins the podcast to walk through her experiences backpacking and hiking with her dogs, and lessons learned along the way and offers some sound guidance and advice to those wanting to do the same.

Anyone looking to get out there with their furry friends will no doubt come away from this episode with a pile of knowledge and with any luck, just as much encouragement.

Go check out Bailey’s adventures and enjoy this episode!

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