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The By Land Podcast

#150 - Backpacking 1300 Miles of the PCT with 3 Kids with David Daley

The By Land Podcast
The By Land Podcast

This is the second part of a two-part mini-series with Marketa and David Daley who in 2022 hiked 1300 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail with their 3 young kids. David and I dive into the more holistic side of hiking the trail and explore the meaning behind the struggle and process of a thru-hike. For anyone who enjoys the non-technical side of a thru-hiking discussion, you’ll enjoy this, especially if you’re a parent yourself.

David and I dive into what it was like to hike as Father on the PCT, how hard it was to learn to hike as slow as a child, and the spiritual connection we feel toward wild spaces. A thru-hike is a difficult thing to process and it was great to have the chance to explore the experience with David so soon after the end of his hike.

Show Notes

  • Digesting the trail
  • The importance of immersing yourself in the wilderness
  • Thoughts on possible long-term effects of thru-hiking with kids (hopes versus reality)
  • Experiencing the PCT as a Dad
  • Parental roles and responsibilities on the trail
  • Holding hands for 500 miles then letting go…
  • Learning to hike all-day
  • What it’s like hiking at a child’s pace
  • Reasons behind the hike
  • The spiritual connection to wild spaces
  • Is life balance possible?
  • The willingness to easily find excuses not to do something
  • Imagining life without the PCT
  • Understanding why you hike
  • Breakthrough moments on the trail
  • Reflecting on relationships with fellow hikers
  • The importance of community
  • Final thoughts
  • https://www.instagram.com/daleywalk

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