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The By Land Podcast

#151 - All Humans Outside with Tommy Corey

The By Land Podcast
The By Land Podcast

Tommy Corey’s eye for outdoor portrait photography landed him front and center in the hiking community during his 2018 PCT thru-hike when he began posting fashion-esque portraits of fellow thru-hikers under the project name “Hiker Trash Vogue.” The photo project captured the attention of major outdoor brands and was even featured in Outside Online. Tommy received high accolades for his work, but it was also pointed out that his subjects did not represent a range of diverse backgrounds in the outdoors.

This podcast episode is a conversation between myself and Tommy about his CDT realizations, his upcoming project, and what “diversity” and “inclusion” really mean in the outdoors. This is a topic I often find to be tough to nail down at times, not to mention for some, emotionally charged. Those terms along with ones like “community” are thrown around like candy these days and I find myself sincerely wondering where it all leads and how to approach it.

Conversations like this one aren’t meant to solve problems. They’re meant to discuss them and gain perspective which is exactly what I personally achieved.

Please enjoy this episode with Tommy Corey.

Show Notes and Links

  • Catching up with Tommy after Hiker Trash Vogue
  • What happened on the CDT in 2022
  • What Tommy was seeing and NOT seeing on the trail
  • The creative process on the trail
  • The idea of thru-hikes as a Pilgrimage
  • What the PCT meant to Tommy
  • Tommy’s new BIG project
  • Understanding what diversity and inclusion actually mean
  • Tommy’s creative process
  • What diversity and inclusion means
  • Thoughts on what “community” is
  • Takeaways from Tommy’s interviews
  • Taking on such a big photo project
  • Experiencing how others enjoy the outdoors
  • Understanding the “why” behind your actions
  • Details on the release dates of the photo book
  • How to follow the project
  • tommycoreyphoto.com
  • All Humans Outside on Instagram
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