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#152 - Creating An Outdoor Family Lifestyle with Katie O’mara of Trail Magik

The By Land Podcast
The By Land Podcast

Katie O’mara is the driving force behind Trail Magik, an outdoor brand whose mission is to make hiking and backpacking with toddlers efficient and more enjoyable. Once kids grow out of their backpack-style carriers, parents are forced into deciding how far their little ones can hike before needing to be picked up, but oftentimes riding in a backpack is too much trouble because all the toddler really needs is a small break from walking. That’s where Trail Magik comes in.

Katie is the best. She has a heart of gold and sincerely cares about her community. From the struggles of owning a small business to the ups and downs of being an outdoor family, we cover all of it in this episode and I came away from our conversation feeling inspired and encouraged.

For those out there with young families trying to figure this whole thing out, I think this episode will be a bright spot in your day. It’s conversations like this one that keeps me going and I’m glad that people like Katie are out there encouraging others to be adventurous with their families.

If you’re interested in picking up a carrier of your own or for someone else, you can use the code BYLAND to save 10% off at www.trailmagik.com.

Show Notes and Links

  • The Trail Magik origin story
  • Why the carrier works for walking toddlers
  • Entrepreneurial life
  • Learning to get outdoors with kids
  • Preparing for new outdoor adventures
  • What it’s like putting a product into the world
  • The importance of being yourself
  • Feeling the pressure to adventure
  • Do what you WANT to do out there
  • Defining an “outdoor” family
  • Growing up in the outdoors
  • Why parents feel the pull to bring their kids outside
  • Creating an outdoor lifestyle
  • Biggest barriers for parents and kids in the outdoors
  • Learning to enjoy the hiking parts of backpacking
  • Katie’s closing thoughts
  • How to followup with Katie and Trail Magik
  • www.trailmagik.com
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
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