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The By Land Podcast

#153 - Hard-won Insights with Andrew Skurka

The By Land Podcast
The By Land Podcast

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Andrew Skurka is known throughout the backpacking industry as someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to spending time in the backcountry. He was thru-hiking before it became popular and has hiked well over 20,000 miles across both long and short expeditions. Andrew now operates a backpacking guide service.

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge for all things backpacking but also has great insight into the mindset the backcountry requires.

If you enjoy learning from the best, this episode will not disappoint.

Show Notes and Links

  • How Andrew Skurka got into thru-hiking
  • How far backpacking has come since the early days
  • Hiking the AT in the early days
  • The benefit of uninterrupted long-duration hikes/adventures
  • The importance of having an “end” to an expedition or experience
  • On being goal-oriented rather than “wandering”
  • How Andrew got into being a backpacking guide
  • mindset from a guide to teacher
  • Learning to slow down
  • Learning to navigate groups and personalities
  • High Routes explained
  • How Andrew got into high routes
  • The natural progression of outdoor exploration
  • Plans for future expeditions
  • Andrews backpacking advice
  • Andrews favorite gear
  • Thoughts on synthetic or natural fibers
  • How to followup with Andrew Skurka
  • Website: https://andrewskurka.com/
  • Guided Trips: https://andrewskurka.com/guided-trips/

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