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The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton

S3 Ep5 WHAT SWEETER MUSIC: Wintery words to soothe the soul

There is a particular kind of joy in the simple act of curling up in an armchair with a book on a winter's day, or going to a café with nothing to do but take in the next chapter, or going to bed early and sitting up against soft pillows to read by lamplight. Words can be a real comfort in the darkest of seasons - both those we read and those we write. I hope this episode inspires you to pull down a favourite book off the shelf and have a read, or perhaps treat yourself to some poetry, or a new story, or a self-help book that is going to carry you through the winter. I also hope it is going to inspire you to get out your notebook and write some of your own words, as the fire crackles and the tree lights flicker.

This episode includes:

  • Wintery words to inspire you
  • Lots of cosy reading recommendations
  • Inspiration for writing as a tool for wellbeing
  • Nature corner
  • Christmas traditions from around the world (from lovely listeners!)
  • Get ahead tips as Christmas edges closer
  • PLUS A lovely cosy giveaway (enter on my Instagram @bethkempton)

With inspiration from Peter Hennessy, Josephine Greywoode, Alexandra Harris, Jane McMorland Hunter @alittlecitygarden, Tom Hennen, Phyllis Cole-Dai, Ruby R Wilson, Horatio Clare @horatiowrites, Nancy Campbell, Kevin Parr, @MattBakerOfficial, @FrancescaBeauman, Ono no Komachi, @SandrineBailly, Kim Simonsen, Randi Ward, Chris McCabe @mccabio1977, Freddie Jones, Andrew McRae, Robert Bridges, @Mark_Nepo, Elizabeth Jenner, @NationalTrust, Greg Loades @hull_urban_gardener, Shawn Bythell @bookshopwigtown, @cheftimanderson @hollyringland @therosiewalsh @mattzhaig, Muriel Barbery, Jenny Colgan @jennycolganwriter @jennycolganbooks, Joanne Harris @joannechocolat.

PS See the full show notes here for recipe ingredients and other links.

Lovely things for you:

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· CLICK HERE to download the free Calm Christmas Planner

· CLICK HERE to register for my Winter Writing Sanctuary (Dec 28-Jan 6), also free this year

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The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton
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