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The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast

Christmas Special with Mitch Albom

How does giving back make you feel? Does it make you feel alive? Listen in as Candace sits down with Mitch Albom to talk about how giving brings him life. 

Mitch is the author of #1 Best-Seller “Tuesdays With Morrie” which has sold tens of millions of copies throughout the world. Through this conversation, you will hear story after story of how giving back ultimately gives life to those receiving AND those giving. 

While Mitch is an incredible storyteller, he is passionate about giving back. Alongside his wife, they have started 7 charities reaching those in need. 

Listen in to hear more about his time in Haiti and why he is committed to pouring his time, gifts, and resources into giving back. 

In the beautiful words of Morrie, “Taking makes me feel like I am dying. Giving makes me feel like I am living.” 

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