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Sir Michael Parkinson, Iain Stirling, and Whatsapp Audio Messages Returns #297


PODCAST ALERT! The Chris Moyles Show team are back with a brand new episode for your listening pleasure. This week we had the honour of interviewing legendary talkshow host Sir Michael Parkison. Parky told us about his new tour ‘An Evening With Sir Micheal Parkinson’,, where he’ll chat with his son about the highlights of his incredible career. Later in the week, friend of the show and Love Island voice over Iain Stirling came into the studio to talk to us in person about his new TV Show ‘Buffering’ and his ‘Failing Upwards’ standup tour. This week also saw the return of our ‘Whatsapp Audio Messages’ feature - and you’re not going to believe it, but we got a message from the Queen! (apparently).

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more…

- James’ Rude Reverse Word

- Chris’ Scary Nephews

- Olympian Unpaid Leave


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Episode 297

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