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The Covert Narcissism Podcast

Hearing Our Kids: Words From My Son

It is my great privilege to introduce to you my oldest son. After living this nightmare in our home for 18 years, he now shares his perspective for the very first time.

Here he answers some questions that were put forth from my listeners:

  • When did the light bulb go on for you that something wasn’t right here?

  • Did you carry the weight of this situation? Did you blame yourself?

  • In looking back, is there something you wish you had done or known differently or sooner, for your mental health?

  • What impact has this had on you?

  • Is there a silver lining in what you have experienced? Something that benefits you going forward?

  • What does your relationship with your father look like from here?

When you are young, your whole life is your parents. Everyone’s childhood has an impact on them. No one gets through childhood unscathed. So many kids go through this and then blame themselves for everything that goes wrong, carrying the pain and trauma forward into the next generation. It is time to break this generational curse!

The Covert Narcissism Podcast
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