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The Crate 808 Podcast

Albums of the Year + MVP, Verse, Songs, Artwork of 2022 | Ep. 148

The Crate 808 Podcast
The Crate 808 Podcast

It’s the end of the year and we’re breaking down a STELLAR 2022 with Yemi Abiade (Rhymes Like Dimes podcast) - we hit up our annual categories of top albums and songs, as well as our favourite features, verse and artwork. Oh, we also name our MVP of the year too! 👑

YouTube: https://youtu.be/8I10ZcNQ0E4

All our favourite bangers of 2022 can be found on our regularly updated Spotify playlist: https://spoti.fi/3WjrSAj

Our 3-Album Run series in full: https://www.crate808.com/3album-runs

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Show Notes

  • Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar (13:59)
  • Still Champion - Homeboy Sandman (30:06)
  • Iconicy - MINIKINGZ (34:45)
  • Man Plays the Horn - Cities Aviv (40:37)
  • Cheat Codes - Black Thought + Danger Mouse (47:47)
  • Elephant Man's Bones - Roc Marciano + The Alchemist (57:44)
  • Reason To Smile - Kojey Radical (1:08:31)
  • Acres of Diamonds - Ill Conscious x Mute Won (1:13:31)
  • Alpha Place - Knucks (1:28:17)
  • Breakfast in Hradec - CRIMEAPPLE (1:34:49)
  • Aethiopes - Billy Woods + Preservation (1:40:34)
  • Magic - Nas (1:52:52)
  • King of Gods. No Second - Apathy (2:01:19)
  • Slow Burn Album of the Year (2:10:36)
  • Feature + Verse of the Year (2:12:41)
  • Album Artwork of the Year (2:29:09)
  • Bangers of the Year (2:34:09)
  • Best Hip Hop Moments of the Year (2:41:30)
  • Collabs We Need In 2023 (2:45:37)
  • Projects That Changed Our Mind (2:49:21)
  • Best Album You'll Never Play Again (2:50:43)
  • MVP of the Near 2022 (2:53:58)

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