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The Curzon Film Podcast

THE PARASITE Q&A | The Curzon Film Podcast feat. Edgar Wright & Bong Joon Ho


Beware, there's spoilers ahead!

Bong Joon Ho's PARASITE is the film that keeps on giving. To complement our deep dive into the #BongHive, we have a very special bonus episode featuring Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver's Edgar Wright in conversation with the Academy Award-winning Director Bong.

This Q&A was recorded at Curzon Bloomsbury, before the PARASITE mania hit UK shores. Since recording, the film has made history by winning multiple awards breaking multiple box office records. The PARASITE isn't finished with us yet! Tune in for two friends, peers and fans discussing the most exciting film in cinemas now.

PARASITE is playing in cinemas around the country. We strongly recommend watching the film before you listen to this podcast. If you haven't done already, check out our deep dive PARASITE special, featuring more from Bong Joon Ho, his friend and collaborator Tilda Swinton, the founders of the #BongHive and much more.

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