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by Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore
The Cycling Podcast

Not too Chabbey


In June's episode of The Cycling Podcast Féminin Rose Manley, Orla Chennaoui and Richard Moore discuss all the recent racing, and we hear from Tour de Suisse stage winner Elise Chabbey of Canyon/SRAM.

There's also an interview with one of the strongest performers of the season, Pauliena Rooijakkers of Liv Racing.

And we meet the winner of the world's biggest gravel race, Unbound. Lauren De Crescenzo is a former professional who suffered a terrible crash in 2016, then last year broke the Everesting world record, and meanwhile works as an epidemiologist.

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Episode 81

by Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore