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Colin Elliott On The Art Of Navigating Lessons From History To The Modern World

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On this episode of the Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan talks with economic and social historian Colin Elliott. They delve into the complexities surrounding the societal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing parallels with the ancient Antonine Plague. Elliott criticizes the lockdown measures and emphasizes the need for a nuanced and science-oriented approach. He highlights the decentralized nature of society and the diverse capacities within it, including healthcare, communities, and various institutions. The discussion touches upon the importance of accountability and learning from past mistakes, along with his bookPox Romana, offers a comprehensive, wide-ranging account of the world’s first pandemic: the Antonine plague.

Colin P. Elliott is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Indiana University, Bloomington. He has published interdisciplinary research on the economic, social and environmental history of the Roman Empire, and his next project explores intersections between its economy and the environment. He has a PhD in Ancient History from University of Bristol and a BA in History from University of Oregon. He also received the David and Cheryl Morley Early Career Award for Outstanding Teaching (2021) and a Trustees Teaching Award (2016).

Check out Colin's booksPox Romana: The Plague That Shook the Roman World and Economic Theory and the Roman Monetary Economy

Check out Colin's podcastThe Pax Romana Podcast. The Pax Romana Podcast is available everywhere podcasts can be found.

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