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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Dr. Barbara Sturm- "I believe in repair and heal, not damage and heal"

Dr. Barbara Sturm is well known for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and is an absolute skin queen! Her experience as an aesthetics doctor has resulted in producing her own skincare range that provides hydration, nutrition and regeneration glow, with science at the core of its creation. She is on a mission to educate people about healthy skin and wellness, discussing everything from hair loss, skin pigmentation and acne to rosacea and why retinols should NOT be part of your skincare routine.

Enjoy! Davinia x 


What is inflammation and how do we control it?

What elements contribute to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle?

Hacks to de-stress (reducing inflammation)

Barbara’s journey into creating her own skincare

They key ingredients we need to see in our skincare 

What are telomeres and how do they affect premature ageing?

The damaging effects of acid peels, retinols and glycolic acid.

How what you put on your skin affects your immune system.

Pigmentation. What is it and how do we get rid of it?

How does the quality of diet reflect the quality of the skin?

How to target hair loss and thinning.

Skincare for teenagers.

How to deal with severe acne.

How to protect against UV and pollution.

The future of the skincare industry. 

How to treat rosacea.

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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
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