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The Digital Sisterhood

The Impartial Judge | Al-Hakeem

The Digital Sisterhood
The Digital Sisterhood
Trusting the wisdom of Allah is difficult when our hearts are clouded by arrogance. After searching for equality everywhere, Asma, a former public policy major, learns that true justice can only come from Al-Hakeem
This week we've partnered up with Rabata:
Ribaat is an online academic program that offers courses in Islamic Sciences, Arabic language, and Tajwid of the Holy Quran to women around the world. The program provides Muslim women with a solid foundation through a comprehensive curriculum covering the full range of traditional Islamic Sciences. The aim of the program is to graduate scholars and da'iyas prepared to educate others, as well as to provide independent classes for those not seeking certification.
Registration opens August 15th
Visit https://ribaat.rabata.org/ to register today
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This episode was brought to you by Beautiful Light Studios.
Recorded at MH Studios Toronto
Host: Cadar Mohamud
Senior Producer/ Editor: Muna Scekomar
Intern: Nima Harun
Recording Engineer: Jonathan Lillo
Tape-Syncer: Vish B
Graphic Designer: Wasima Farah
Project manager: Yasmin Mohamud
Marketing Manager: Sawsan Abdillahi
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The Digital Sisterhood
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