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The Dubious Book of Famous Deeds

Chapter 6. Giovanni Dupré, or: How’s He Hiding the Genitals?


Actor/writer/comedian Jan Caruana (CBC’s Because News) is here for the life and times of 19th Century Italy’s second-greatest sculptor! From his pitifully sad childhood to the creepy courtship of his wife, learn what made this talented man who could simply NOT turn down a gig – be it from despotic Dukes, or even one of the most brutal butchers of the age.

Follow along with the images below!

  1. Portrait of Giovanni Dupré
  2. Abel, G. Dupré, c.1839
  3. Abel – alternate angle
  4. Cain, G. Dupré, 1840
  5. Marshall Julius Jacob Von Haynau
  6. Marshall Haynau (mounted), Giuseppe Bezzoli
  7. La Pietà, G. Dupré, 1863
  8. La Pietà – close-up

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by The Sonar Network