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Secrets To Chasing Your Dreams with Rob Riggle


What are the SKILLS and ATTRIBUTES you NEED in order to LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS?

Rob Riggle is going to teach you by sharing his story of chasing after his dreams and SUCCESSFULLY changing careers, from serving in Kosovo and Afghanistan as a highly decorated lieutenant colonel to becoming one of the most recognizable and successful comedians today.

You know him as an actor who’s appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, including SNL, Dumb and Dumber, the Daily Show, Modern Family, Holey Moley, and many others. But what you may not know is that he retired after 23 years in the MARINES to launch into a full-time comedy career.

I’ve never met somebody with such a unique career path as Rob’s.

You're going to learn what it takes, Rob explains how any success comes from doing these things…

➡️ Doing the HARD things

➡️ Pushing PAST your perceived limits

➡️ Not being afraid to LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND and go after something NEW

➡️ Having a RELENTLESS work ethic


➡️ Being good to work with, HONEST, KIND, and it doesn't hurt if you have some HUMOR

➡️ Rob’s unique take on ABD… ALWAYS BE DEVELOPING. He applies this to his entertainment career, but it’s a STRATEGY you can add to ANY ASPECT OF LIFE.

➡️ We also talk about attaching EMOTIONAL MEANING to your goals, which we both use to GENERATE MOMENTUM and accomplish the most important things in our lives.

➡️ You’re also going to hear about Rob using improv to create characters that ultimately landed him a gig on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. It’s a cool story of how a creative mind, under pressure, responded to an in-your-face challenge when there was a lot on the line.

➡️ Rob can teach you a lot about PUNCHLINES.... Punchlines of your life by TAKING CHANCES and BELIEVING IN WHO YOU ARE.

You’ll be blown away by Rob’s story about how doing hard things in the military created the CONFIDENCE he needed to give acting a try, including how he traded in one BIG DREAM of becoming a naval aviator for an even BIGGER DREAM of becoming a comedian.

You're not going to want to miss this episode, it's a FUNNY and ENTERTAINING hour. Hearing the UNBELIEVABLE and 100% TRUE story of how Rob chased his dreams.

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