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The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop

Episode 1: “Somebody knows”

Every 19th of October, Grenadians mark a somber anniversary: the 1983 execution of the country’s former prime minister and revolutionary leader, Maurice Bishop, and others who died alongside him. The people of this Caribbean nation still have no closure 40 years later. The remains of Bishop and his supporters were never returned to their family members and are missing to this day. 

In the first episode of “The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop,” The Washington Post’s Martine Powers takes us on the personal journey that led her to learn about Grenada’s history. Martine delves into why Bishop was such an influential figure, what made the United States nervous about him and why the mystery of his missing remains continues to haunt so many on the island. 

You can find photos and documents from the investigation in our special episode guide here [http://washingtonpost.com/emptygrave?utm_source=podcasts&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=the-empty-grave-of-comrade-bishop].

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The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop
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