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The Energy Blueprint Podcast

Heart-Brain Coherence | A Powerful Key To Healing with Dr. Christine Schaffner

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
The Energy Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Christine Schaffner. Dr. Schaffner is a board-certified naturopathic physician who focuses on “mystery illnesses”—she’s helped thousands of patients recover from chronic, complex conditions.

I’m also excited to share an invitation to her upcoming summit—The Art & Science of Cultivating Coherence Summit—FREE from October 30th through November 5th.

In this podcast, Dr. Schaffner and I discuss:

  • Her personal endocrine issues, including recovery from a brain tumor and how overcoming her fear led to the bioenergetic work she’s sharing now

  • How to stay curious about the connections between biochemistry and meditation, language, and quantum fields that sometimes lead to miraculous results…but deserve deep skepticism

  • The concepts of “the field” and the biofield as ways to describe the subtle energies of the universe and how they interact with us and influence our health

  • Measurable currents emanating from our heart and brain and how this quantitative data relates to our biofield and health status

  • The links between the piezoelectric effect, fascia, the extracellular matrix, and lymph that create a system of electrical communication in our bodies

  • How 40,000 sensory neurites in the heart are acutely affected by our emotional state, plus using our emotions (and other practical methods) to regulate our health!

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
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