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The Energy Blueprint Podcast

How To Treat Cavities Naturally (Whiten Your Teeth & Prevent Gum Disease) with Trina Felber

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
The Energy Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, I’m speaking with oral health expert, author, and founder of Primal Life Organics, Trina Felber. Trina’s mission is to eliminate toxic, polluting ingredients from body care products and offer healing, sustainable alternatives.

In this podcast, Trina and I discuss:

  • The amazing story of how her young daughter’s oral health issues—a cavity that formed in utero!—led Trina to focus on dental health

  • The importance and maintenance of the oral microbiome…good bugs should be in your gut AND your mouth, but how do you avoid oral “antibiotics” found in mainstream products?

  • Why gut and dental health are closely related to inflammation and cardiovascular disease, and the link most dentists overlook

  • 3 major tips you need to choose dental health products that heal versus degrade your teeth and gums

  • Fluoride, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other ingredients commonly found in conventional oral health products…are they toxic or not?

  • The roles of both red and blue light therapy in tooth remineralization, gum healing (yes, it’s 100% possible!), and reducing oral inflammation

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
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