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The Energy Blueprint Podcast

Natural Ways to Beat High Blood Pressure with Dr. Christopher Pickard

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
The Energy Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Christopher Pickard, a hypertension expert with decades of expertise studying nutrition and lifestyle on how to get your blood pressure back down into the healthy range.

In this podcast, Dr. Pickard and I discuss:

  • The link between high blood pressure and the risk of dying from COVID-19…and how Dr. Pickard is using this knowledge to help his patients

  • What high blood pressure is actually trying to tell you—it’s not a disease; it’s a warning sign of something more

  • 3 unexpected causes for hypertension and the problem with simply “fixing it” with a pill

  • 7 practical ways you can start addressing high blood pressure NOW

  • Why breathing through your nose (versus your mouth) might be the missing piece to solving some people’s hypertension

  • One amazingly simple step you can take to increase nitric oxide (and decrease blood pressure!)

  • Learn the best fruit to eat to support healthy blood pressure levels!

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
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