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The Energy Blueprint Podcast

OPTIMIZE YOUR GUT to Fight Disease (Busting Common Gut Health Myths) with Dr. Jason Hawrelak

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
The Energy Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, I’m speaking with gut health researcher, clinician, professor, and expert to the experts, Dr. Jason Hawrelak about his life-changing knowledge on the best ways to care for your gut. Dr. Hawrelak is the most well-informed (and humble!) gut specialist I’ve ever spoken with, and I’m so lucky he was my professor in graduate school. You don’t want to miss this episode!

In this podcast, Dr. Hawrelak and I discuss:

  • A major probiotic myth that Dr. Hawrelak has been trying to bust for over 20 years and why you might be wasting your time (and money!) on probiotics that aren’t right for you

  • 3 fascinating ways your gut health is connected to your energy levels (or LACK of energy!)

  • The 1 gut problem you should be aware of that can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, autoimmunity, brain fog, and even Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline

  • The connection between your microbiome, dietary fiber, and…brain health!

  • The amazing effects of prebiotics and when to use prebiotics versus probiotics

  • Dangers of the Carnivore Diet trend and why your gut, microbial, and system-wide health might suffer long-term

  • Dr. Hawrelak’s top 3 gut health tips…including one I didn’t expect!

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
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