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The Energy Blueprint Podcast

The Right Way To Breathe For Increased Performance And Energy with Patrick McKeown

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
The Energy Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, I’m speaking with Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage, who shares his amazing expertise on the breathing habits you need to know to reduce stress and anxiety, raise your energy levels, and boost performance…and they’re NOT what you expect!

I’m also incredibly excited to share that I’ve partnered with Patrick to offer a one-of-its-kind Breathing for Energy program, the ONLY course available that teaches you how to use your breath to battle low energy, brain fog, depression, and chronic anxiety. Save $200 on this revolutionary course when you order today!

In this podcast, Patrick and I discuss:

  • The negative impact modern life has on our breathing patterns and why just 24 hours of stress or being sedentary can shift us out of optimal breathing habits

  • Why the popular advice of “just take a deep breath!” might be the worst thing you can do for your physical and mental health!

  • The “oxygen paradox” and the extreme importance of a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide…and how to achieve this health-enhancing equilibrium

  • The nearly unbelievable role of carbon dioxide in getting oxygen into your cells and how it’s not the waste product you think it is

  • The fascinating interplay between stress and breathing…stress affects your breathing, but did you know the way you breathe affects your levels of stress?

  • A practical, easy-to-use tool that takes less than 1 minute to track your breathing patterns and if they’re leading to health or fatigue and disease

  • How sleep apnea, grinding your teeth at night, and waking up exhausted are connected to your breathing patterns…and how to stop these problems for good!

  • 2 specific breathing tips for people with chronic fatigue

  • How most yoga, pilates, and stress counselors are not teaching you the right way

The Energy Blueprint Podcast
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