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The Extramilest Podcast

#48: Achieve Your Goals, with Sally McRae

The Extramilest Podcast
The Extramilest Podcast
Sally McRae is a professional ultra/mountain runner. This summer she won the Toughest Footrace on the Planet, Badwater 135 miler. She is one of the most real, inspiring and positive people I have ever met. Sally is a trainer, coach, and mother of two active kids. She is sponsored by Nike, COROS, Leki, Spring Energy, UltrAspire, Igloo, Sidekick, and LyveCap. We discuss mental training, pushing the limits, work / life balance, Badwater 135, strength training and more! YouTube video of this interview: https://youtu.be/eXoL5f_Gf1g Chapters:
  • 0:00 Intro Sally McRae
  • 4:15 Sally’s athletic background
  • 6:23 Dealing with her moms death at age 17
  • 8:49 How soccer and sports connect people
  • 9:58 Inspiring others through running
  • 11:42 Time management for a busy pro athlete mother
  • 18:58 Badwater 135 mile race
  • 22:48 Difference between Badwater in 2018 and 2021
  • 26:48 Importance of humbling experiences in running
  • 28:20 Mindset and believe
  • 29:43 Study your race environment
  • 32:03 Discomfort teaches us to grow
  • 38:44 The power of how we respond to situations
  • 41:16 Last miles to winning Badwater 135
  • 45:37 Mindset to make or break you
  • 46:37 Judgment from outside world
  • 51:37 Social media behavior
  • 55:37 Sally’s first photoshoot with Nike
  • 1:01:03 Strength training for runners, why / how
  • 1:06:03 Sally’s strength running app
  • 1:09:37 Connect with Sally
  • 1:10:21 Recommendations for athletes to improve
  • 1:12:28 Closing thoughts + next episode

"Failures, letdowns, mistakes, flaws, they do not define your value. In fact, those were never supposed to be limiting factors. All those things are supposed to propel us to something better.”

I'd love to hear from you, what was your favorite lesson, quote or takeaway. Please let me know in the comments.


► Website: https://www.sallymcrae.com

► Strength App: https://my.playbookapp.io/sally-mcrae

► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yellowrunner

► Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/coachsallymcrae

► Podcast: https://bit.ly/choose-strong-podcast


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The Extramilest Podcast
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