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The Femme Fatale Podcast

Ep. 10: Feeling Like You Are Waiting For Your Life To Happen? Post-Grad Depression and "Now What?"

The Femme Fatale Podcast
The Femme Fatale Podcast

Are you waiting for your life to happen? I've been there too. I've been in a place where I felt in a "waiting stage" after graduating college. I felt like I didn't have direction for my life anymore and I was constantly asking myself, "Now What?" This created a cycle of stress and depression. Now, I've come out on the other side and I am here to help you do the same!

Feeling Directionless and in a "holding state" after a major life change, whatever that may be, is completely normal. We've been programed throughout most of our lives through school and work to be conditioned to work within a certain structure to achieve success. When we leave that structure, we can feel lost and identity-less.

Its important to know that you don't need to have it all figured out now, you don't need to know what your next steps are. You don't need to be achieving everything now - even though its unfortunately pushed onto us in our 20s.

Lets reframe this "lull' time in our lives by taking advantage of this time:

1. Celebrate your success and how far you've come!

2. Re-discover what you love!

3. Find your identity without the constraints of school, work, or other people.

4. Be selfish with your self love and self discovery.

5. Find Your Inspiration in life and in those who inspire you.

6. Take time to REST!

This weeks journal prompts:

1. What would you do if money wasn't a factor?

2. Who would you be if no one was watching?

3. What are three hobbies that you want to try?

4. BONUS!!! Try making a vision board !!!! :)

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The Femme Fatale Podcast
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