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The Femme Fatale Podcast

Ep. 11: Delulu Is The Solulu: Why You Should Be Delusional - Limiting Beliefs and Embodying Your Dream Self

The Femme Fatale Podcast
The Femme Fatale Podcast

Is Delulu really the Solulu? Pyschology would say...yes! There are many theories in psychology that back the reasoning behind why it can be good to be delusional. Being delusional doesn't necessarily mean living in denial, and can actually be used as a tool to help us accomplish everything that we dream of and desire. Ideally, we want to embody a version of ourselves who can see the challenges but hold a knowing that we can find the solutions and not feel intimidated by circumstances. We will reponed out of a new belief system in a mature and stable way:

There are many psychological reasons that prove being delusional works:

1. Self fulfilling prophecy - We are likely to experience that which we believe to be true about ourselves, our circumstances, and others.

2. The reticular activating system - Our brains own, "filter", which allows us to focus on what it is that we assume to be true or present in our reality.

3. The Cognitive Triangle - Thoughts/beliefs affect Emotions/feelings which affect Actions/behaviors.

Next time you find yourself facing an undesireable circumsatnce or a situation that the current version of you dosent believe they are able to fix or participate in, ask yourself what beliefs you need to change to be able to deal with this circumstance or participate in this disired expereince. Ask yourself, what is the version of you who already has this? What is the version of you who knows the solution?


What limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your potential?

Love you all so, so much! Talk to you next week!

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The Femme Fatale Podcast
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