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The Femme Fatale Podcast

Ep. 12: How To Get Out Of A Rut: Morning Routine, Mental Health Reset & Getting Back On Track

The Femme Fatale Podcast
The Femme Fatale Podcast

Have you ever found yourself feeling unmotivated? Do you find yourself feeling; tired, annoyed, stressed, and numb? You might be experiencing a rut. We have all expereinced lows in our lives that seem impossible to get out of. Trust me when I say, I have and had to pull myself out of it many times. Fortunately, I've learned a thing or two along the way and can help you regain your motivation and find your way out of your own rut.

How to get out of a rut:

1. Acknowledge that you're in a rut

2. Journal - get introspective: What in my life might be causing this?

3. Create Lists - small action items, celebrate small wins often!

4. Get Inspired - you're the main character!

5. Be gentle with yourself!


In What Area(s) Of Your Life Do You Feel The Most Fufilled?

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The Femme Fatale Podcast
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