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The Femme Fatale Podcast

Ep. 9: How To Set Healthy Boundaries, Weaponized Psychology and Jonah Hill

The Femme Fatale Podcast
The Femme Fatale Podcast

Do you have trouble setting healthy boundaries in relationships? Me too, sis. This week we talk about boundaries, what they are, how they've been skewed in pop culture, how we can set our own healthy boundaries, and what to do if someone disrespects those boundaries. We discuss boundaries vs. controlling behavior as well as weaponized psychology, therapy-talk, and the drama with boundary man Jonah Hill and his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady.

Healthy Boundaries look like:

- Setting boundaries in relation to yourself and your actions and not in a way to control others behavior

- Using "I" statements to share how you feel

- Stating boundaries early on and in a calm, clear, and respectful way

- Preparing before hand

- Allowing for the potential of flexibility and compromise, without compromising your own values and needs

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The Femme Fatale Podcast
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