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by Dr. Hazel Wallace
The Food Medic

S5 E3: How To Stay Calm In A Global Pandemic


On this weeks episode Hazel is joined by Dr Emma Hepburn - better known on instagram as @thepsychologymum. Emma is a clinical psychologist, with expertise in neuropsychology, who has over 15 years' experience of working with and treating mental health difficulties in both the public and private sector. She also has a book titled 'A Toolkit For Modern Life: 53 Ways To Look After Your Mind' - which frankly could not have come out at a better time!

Topics covered include:
* The foundations of mental wellbeing
* The impact social media has on our mental health - the good and the bad
* Comparison as the thief of joy
* How trauma is relative - and all trauma is valid
* Goal setting and habit building: help or hindrance?
* Loneliness and isolation during the pandemic
* Dealing with uncertainty

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by Dr. Hazel Wallace