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by Dr. Hazel Wallace
The Food Medic

S5 E8: Overheard on Social Media: Nutrition Edition


On this week's episode Dr Hazel is joined by Danny Lennon and Alan Flanagan. Danny is perhaps most well-known for being the host of the top-ranked podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio, where he discusses nutrition science with academic researchers and dietitians. Alan is currently pursuing his PhD in nutrition at the University of Surrey and is the founder of Alinea Nutrition and also a Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition.

The topic of this podcast is a bit of a mixed bag of everything to do with nutrition.

Topics covered include:
* ”Diets don’t work”
* HAES/Health-at-every-size
* Nutrition and Supplements for PCOS
* Turmeric and cancer claims
* Intermittent fasting / Time restricted feeding
* Metabolism “boosting” foods
* Soy and gynecomastia (a.k.a. man boobs.)

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by Dr. Hazel Wallace