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by Dr. Hazel Wallace
The Food Medic

S5 E9: IBS, Probiotics and Prebiotics


In this week's episode Hazel is joined by Dr Eirini Dimidi, a registered dietitian and Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences at KCL. Dr Dimidi is undertaking research on nutrition-based interventions, including fibre, plant foods, prebiotics, probiotics, and the low FODMAP diet, in gastrointestinal health.

Topics include:
* What is gut health?
* How do we know if we have a healthy gut microbiota?
* IBS: diagnosis, management, and dietary advice
* The Low FODMAP diet
* Probiotics and their role in IBS and in healthy individuals
* Evidence for probiotic food and drink in gut healthn
* IBS and a plant-based diet
* Food and Mood: the gut-brain axis.

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by Dr. Hazel Wallace