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The Game Football Podcast

Mic’d up but p***ed off. And England’s midfield conundrum

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

James Gheerbrant, Jonathan Northcroft and Gregor Robertson join tom Clarke to give VAR a grilling.

Does the mic’d up programme help or hinder the case for VAR in games? The team look at issues around how subjective football is, how effective current VAR is and are there other, better options to use the technology? After an inconclusive but heated debate it’s on to England’s midfield.

Bellingham and Rice seem certain starters, but who plays alongside them? Do England have a defensive midfielder, and if not, who plays instead?

Finally, Jonny recently voted in a poll asking who are currently the world’s best players…he names his top five.



2’ VAR, are the audio releases helping or hindering

4’ Pain is not worth the gain. It is a really difficult job, but it has become farcical.

8’ Running VAR can be exhausting, in the spotlight, no clear right and wrong, walking a tightrope

Possible clips

11’ the number and detail of incidents can’t be assessed in the time allowed.

15’ modern mania to achieve perfection…in a subjective sport.

17’ timing is an issue; it takes too long the flow of the game has been affected.

20’ Has the mic’d up programme improved things or further mudded the waters.

22’ sin bins. Good idea or not?  Keeping refs mics on would stop player dissent quickly.

26’ do players influence VAR by appealing and asking refs to check things.

England midfield

31’ who plays alongside Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham.

33’ the chemistry of the three is important. Southgate prizes control over everything else. Gregor thinks still Philips.

35’ can’t pick Philips or Henderson because of lack of top flight football.

37’ Trent Alexander is the answer according to Jonny.

40’ James, consider Connor Gallagher.

45’ stones, Rico Lewis, Foden Maddison. Jonny think whoever Jude wants Keep Bellingham happy.

Best players in the world

49’ Jonny voted for worlds best players. Hard to over look Premier league and England players. Haland, Rodri, Kane, Bellingham.

55’ Kane now getting the coverage he deserves.

57’ Messi still the man. What about defenders??

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The Game Football Podcast
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