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The Game Football Podcast

Sancho alone with his lunchbox and can England win the Euros?

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Sancho alone with his lunchbox and can England win the Euros?

Gregor Robertson is joined by Martin Samuel, Tony Cascarino and James Gheerbrant.

Should England dare to dream…? Martin Samuel thinks they should embrace the expectation that they are one of the favourites to win the European Championships in Germany next year. They look at England’s strength in depth, and particularly the rise of Jude Bellingham, now one of the world’s best players.

From one former Borussia Dortmund player to another and the plight of Jadon Sancho. Training with the youngsters, getting changed alone, given his lunch in a club lunchbox. How did it come to this…?

Finally, a look at the once sacrosanct Saturday afternoon 3pm kick off. Once upon a time never televised, that looks like changing. Does it matter?



1’ England – they really could win the euros. They’re a very good team. Embrace the expectation.

6’ Could England go back to back?> Where is the weak link…centre half?

8’ Evolution in Southgate’s approach. Has he found a balance.

10’ If not England who?

15’ Kalvin Philips and Harry Maguire

22’ Bellingham…brilliant.


33’ From seventy million pound player to pariah. What happened to Jadon Sancho.

35’ massive breakdown between Ten Hag and Sancho.

37’ Sancho was amazing at Dortmund.

42’ The agent should be the intermediary and her their money.

44’ Ghost of Fergie…

3pm kick offs

54’ Will it impact smaller teams.

55’ wall to wall football. Similar to America.

58’ all designed by the premier league to stop the bigger clubs breaking away to strike their own TV deals

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The Game Football Podcast
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