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The Game Football Podcast

Three tournaments, two Champions League nights and a VAR farce

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Tom Clarke is joined by Martin Samuel, Gregor Robertson and Tom Allnutt for a jam packed show. They look back at a memorable night on Tyneside, Martin Samuel thinks Newcastle will win the Champions League before PSG ever will. Then its on to a miserable night at Old Trafford and a look at how Mikel Arteta manages Bukayo Saka.

Then its VAR, Gregor thinks the rules are an ass, Martin thinks it’s the rules and the officials.

Finally, it’s the awarding of the 2030 world cup to just the three continents…all agree it is a precursor to where 2034 goes…clue; its got a lot of sand and a lot of oil. 



1’ Martin Hardy reflects on a special night at St James park.

3’ This is not a one off for Newcaste, it is a sign of things to come.

7’ the prestige of European competition. Goals scored by locals, people playing for the team.

How has Eddie howe done it. And what went wrong with PSG.

10’ what’s the problem at PSG. Mbappe is the star but how long will he stay. Does Enrique have a long term vision. This result will not be acceptable in Paris. Gregor thought the tactics were at fault. PSG invite pressure, but they couldn’t cope with it.

14’ Its not just teams that win the champs league, its clubs. Newcastle will win it before PSG will.

16’ running an elite club is not easy, as Man Utd are demonstrating. Newcastle is well run, good plan, good recruitment and plenty of money to back it up.

18’ this was a statement victory, announcing yourself on the European stage. But Tom Allnutt thinks beating a weary club in the group is not winning a two leg semi.

20’ Does the result gloss over who owns the club and the issues surrounding Saudi ownership?

23’ The French Eddie Howe is not getting the PSG job. They are not connected to the feeding ground of the Paris suburbs. Not enough attention taken to off field appointments.

Man Utd

25’ It started so well. Goals for Hojlund then it imploded.

26’ Its about a well run club, Utd isn’t. They’ve tried new coaches, experienced, but the club is badly run. No vision.  How are good players turned bad…is it them or the club? Gregor says good players but played out of position and no clear vision and structure.

28’ Club culture and off field appointments.  Ten Hag has had to fire fight but is there a consistency to his coaching. How does he want to play.

32’ Off field division breeds lack of confidence.  Ten hag is under pressure, he shouldn’t be but he is. as the signings are his. Martin not convinced by Onana.  

City v Arsenal

35’ Arteta’s management of Saka. Playing him through injury, has that now caught up with them? He is vital for Arsenal, that’s why he keeps playing him.

38’ Saka getting kicked a lot. Does Arteta need to protect him. Should they have bought cover? No longer acceptable to jab players up to play.


44’ VAR debacle. Gregor has sympathy for Darren England. Made a huge error, for the world to see. The clip humanises

45’ Martin looks at the rules that says the game can’t be stopped.

46’ They were incapable of thinking for themselves. The rules are an ass.

55’ Bravery needed to go against the rules in a pressure situation being watched by millions.

1;00’ who should serve on ifab

1;02’ No replay, despite it being wrong.

World cup

1;04’ awarding the world cup to three continents clears the way for Saudi world cup in 2030.

What about planet earth. FIFA do many strange things. Martin says Infantino is an appalling figure at the head of football.  Many of the things said about the Qatar world cup proved, after the fact to be true – carbon footprint, workers rights, player welfare - but none of it mattered, FIFA didn’t really care.

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