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Tick tock Ten Hag. And the Saudi influence grows

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

The regular Thursday club of Martin Samuel, Tony Cascarino and Gregor Robertson join Tom Clarke.

Déjà vu as Man Utd are once again the main talking point. Is Erik ten Hag now under pressure, a team with no identity, players under performing and a poor attitude. When does the spot light fall on the manager.

Saudi were given the 2034 world cup with little fan fare and no celebration.  What does it mean for football…a battle between UEFA and FIFA? Will the Saudi’s be threatening   


Man Utd

2’ Ten Hag surely now he is under pressure? Fate depends on when Jim Ratcliffe arrives.

6’ no players performing, as proven by the fact no one wants to buy any Man Utd players.

8’ can’t keep mentioning the club, at some point its about what the manager does

10’ has he improved any players?

13’ no team identity

16’ it’s a massive mess. But at some point the manager should do the basics, but they weren’t there last night.

19’ manager stays until new owners come in.

23’ Will good players get sucked down the same path.

24’ Rashford going out after the City defeat

26’ Tony worked with Don howe, who helped keep him on the straight and narrow. Less going out, better focus.

31’ perception is everything

Saudi world cup

36’ it was always going to happen. It is now sad acceptance. Money talks.

38’ No federations have complained. There is a difference between world cup and Saudi owners. One is governing body, public property and one is private business.

41’ FIFA is no structured in such a way that UEFA is irrelevant. Infantino has the other votes locked down…very hard to change. It is a battle between UEFA and FIFA.

43’ The only way to challenge it would be to boycott. I high price…would any federation pay it?

46’ Isn’t it just about showcasing football in new countries, building the brand, growing the sport?

50’ Its taken the Saudi’s 18mnths to get a world cup. They are/will come for club football…what happen next, is the premier league under threat?

52’ the wind has changed and no longer China but Saudi, and UK gov seems happy

Chelsea v Spurs

58’ Chelsea face same problem…can’t score goals. Jackson didn’t actually have a great record at Villa reale…4 in 28 before a streaky run. Not surprising he can’t score regularly at Chelsea.

1;01’ Chelsea erratic. Done well against some teams, but inconsistent and lacking any edge. Tony thinks they’re a long way off.

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