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The Glass Appeal

Crossover Episode: Tinker Checkup 3


Someone unexpected comes and interrupts Jason's tinker checkup.

This episode was written by Elijah Gabriel and Alex C. Telander.

The part of Jake Fisher is performed by Chris Fletcher.

The part of Jason Cawfield is performed by Kyle Gould.

The part of Dr. Stella Venezia is performed by S. H. Cooper.

The part of Officer Alexander Patser is performed by Justin McCarthy

Sound design was done by Hail and Well Met Podcasts. Check out more of their great work at hailandwellmetpodcasts.com.

The Ostium theme song was composed by Chris Fletcher.

The Glass Appeal theme song is “Out of Reach” by Zach Wojtowicz

For a link to a transcript of this episode please follow this link: https://ostiumpodcast.com/episode-45-glass-appeal-transcript/.