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by Tushaar Anand Madhu
The Good Vibes Podcast

#32. Deep Diving into Fears w/ Sonali Passi Verma


#32. Deep Diving into Fears w/ Col(Dr) Sonali Passi Verma

Yes, it’s another interview-slash-conversation! I think this week is interview week because I have another great one coming your way!

Col Sonali is a second generation paratrooper in the Indian Army. She is the third lady doctor to become a maroon beret and the first lady skydiver of the Indian Army. She is an alumnus of AFMC though she started out from MAMC Delhi. After 23 years in the Armed Forces, currently she is working in the policy making section of MoD (Ministry of Defence) and motivates young Doctors to join the Armed Forces as a profession.

We have this INTERESTING podcast about sky diving and FEARS!

Yes, we choose to conquer them, starting today!

In today’s podcast we cover:

->The fears one faces in sky diving

->This first (of the three) steps to conquering any fear (50% of the job)

->We cover the other two steps too!

Parachute free fall

->Why Col Sonali chose to fly

->The one thing her instructors always reminded her before her flight

->The fear she still faces before each sky dive

->What sky diving feels like, and the best of all

->Why you should sky dive!

She says, she hopes to meet you all in the club, of sky divers someday.

Till then, take care and conquer your fears.

NOTE: Before hearing the podcast, think of a possible fear you want to overcome. You will already be walking into this with a lot of progress.

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Episode 32

by Tushaar Anand Madhu