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by Tushaar Anand Madhu
The Good Vibes Podcast

Spreading the Message Part I


#34. Spreading the message – Part I

In this episode the founder and host of the show, Tushaar Anand Madhu speaks about the importance of spreading the intrinsic message we were all born with. He takes us through his thoughts on why we all should spread our message, how to recognize what our message is, and why it is so necessary to spread our own message!

Some interesting concepts discussed are:

-> Ways to find your message

->Deconstructing the meaning of a message

This is part I of II of our two series podcast. In our next episode Tushaar shall cover the remainder of the topics i.e what to keep in mind while spreading your message, and what are the things we need to observe while we are in the process of spreading our message.

We hope this podcast helps you, your friends and family.

This is a quality product produced with a lot of love passion and positive energy, we do hope you feel it and are able to transmit into the immediate world around you.

We from ‘The Tushaar Broadcasting Company’, wish you a very pleasant day.



Episode 34

by Tushaar Anand Madhu