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by Tushaar Anand Madhu
The Good Vibes Podcast

Valentine's Day Special - Late Release


#33. Valentine’s Day Special – Late Release

This is a Valentine’s Day Special Podcast. It’s not released on Valentine’s Day, but love isn’t saved for a special occasion, it’s meant to be celebrated everyday!

I dedicate this episode to my #1 Valentine of this world currently -YOU, my listener. And I also talk about whom I took out for a date this Valentine’s day!

So tune in to listen to what you can do to make your days special for yourself and your Valentine, and I will meet you again next time!

P.S – Some other podcasts of a similar nature are #31. Winning yourself over with self love and #27. Self Forgiveness.

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Cheers, and I will meet you next time!


Episode 33

by Tushaar Anand Madhu