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The Greg McKeown Podcast

251. Clear Thinking with Shane Parrish (Part 1)

The Greg McKeown Podcast
The Greg McKeown Podcast
Join me for an enriching conversation with Shane Parrish, the brain behind Farnam Street and author of "Clear Thinking". Hear his remarkable story of resilience and continuous learning, inspired by the true crime book "The Stopwatch Gang", and how he challenges us to think deeper, question biases, and embrace the complexities of the world through.
We also discuss insights from Shane's former career as an intelligence agency employee, who served the Canadian equivalent of NSA. Experience the intensity and pressure of working in the intelligence world, their sense of patriotism, and the sacrifices that came with their job. His insights on the concept of positioning and its role in building lasting relationships is something not to be missed.
Learn more from Shane here.
Listen to Shane's podcast The Knowledge Project.

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The Greg McKeown Podcast
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