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The History Hour

District Six and daredevils

The History Hour
The History Hour
The forced removal of families who weren't white from District Six, in Cape Town, by the South African apartheid regime and the man who jumped from space back to earth.

Also, stories about a Soviet fashionista, the Nazi occupation of Jersey and the Mongolia Revolution.

(Photo: District Six, circa 1969, in Cape Town. Credit: Getty Images)

Zahra Nordien - who was forced out of District Six in Cape Town in 1977
Chrischené Julius - the manager of Collections, Research and Documentation at the District Six Museum
Jenny Lecoat - the great-niece of Louisa Gould, who hid a Russian man from Nazis in Jersey
Ganbold Davaadorj - a pro-democracy protestor in Mongolia
Slava Zaitsev - Russian fashion designer
Felix Baumgartner - daredevil
The History Hour
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