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The History Hour

Pink triangles and political assassinations

The History Hour
The History Hour
Max Pearson presents a collection of this week's Witness History episodes from the BBC World Service. Our guest is Dr Uta Rautenberg from the University of Warwick in the UK, an expert on homophobia in Nazi camps.

Rudolf Brazda recounts his experience of being a gay man in a Nazi concentration camp, symbolised by the pink triangle he was forced to wear on his uniform.

Then, we hear first-hand accounts of the Indigenous American protest at Wounded Knee 50 years ago, and the assassination of Serbia's Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjic, in 2003.

We finish with two lighter stories: the world's most remote museum on the island of South Georgia and the first ever underwater sculpture park in the Caribbean.

Dr Uta Rautenberg - University of Warwick.
Rudolf Brazda - Nazi concentration camp survivor.
Russell Means - former National Director of the American Indian Movement.
Gordana Matkovic - former Serbian cabinet minister.
Jan Cheek - South Georgia Museum trustee.
Jason deCaires Taylor - creator of Grenadian underwater sculpture park.

(Photo: Marchers carry a pink triangle at a Gay Pride event in London. Credit: Steve Eason/Hulton Archive via Getty Images)
The History Hour
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