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The House of Halliwell / A Charmed Rewatch Podcast


Brigid Brannagh stops by the House of Halliwell with her one-eyed dog 'Bumpa' for a breakdown of her character Tuatha (the first evil witch the sisters encounter), Hank her pet snake (that only eats shrunken virgins, apparently), pig hearts and a whole lot more. Drew has some issues with Kyle. BK has some issues with Leo choices and Holly is in dating bliss with Handsome DAN...

God help us all.

The HoH wants to recognize the following beautiful people for going above and beyond with their love and support for the show by becoming producers.

-Sam Amey

-Michaela Barnes

-Sandy Celine

-Alysa Curtis

-Lorie D

-Andi Denton

-Mauricio Gonzalez

-Lee Israel

-Erica Larabee

-Andrew Landin

-Karen Lark

-Fabian Maciel

-Ashley Mollet

-Tyler Pike

-Emilio Polanco

-Lara Romary

-Lucia Salas

-Kristie Schilling


-Mar Valenti

-Stephanie V

-Katey (Warren Witches)

-Natasha Wilkins

-Shay Wilson

The House of Halliwell / A Charmed Rewatch Podcast
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