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The Joe Budden Podcast

Episode 602 | "The Honey Pack"

The Joe Budden Podcast
The Joe Budden Podcast

Friend of the Show and Colts Linebacker Zaire Franklin returns to the JBP as the gang starts by recapping the Chiefs/Eagles Super Bowl (20:31) before turning their attention to Rihanna’s halftime performance (47:20). Floyd Mayweather Jr. has agreed to an exhibition boxing match (1:30:28), everyone shares their thoughts on the red boots (1:38:15), and have the aliens arrived on earth (1:44:00)? Also, a train derailment in Ohio has caused an environmental disaster (1:52:55), Rest in Peace to Dave Jolicoeur of De La Soul, aka Trugoy the Dove (2:16:15), and will Damar Hamlin play in the NFL ever again? (2:23:25) + MORE!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | RINI (feat. Bibi Bourelly) - “My Luv”

Ice | Shotgun Suge - “I Dont Party”

Parks | De La Soul, Handsome Boy Modeling School, & Starchild Excalibur - “If It Wasn’t for You”

Ish | Sabrina Claudio - “Nurture”

Melyssa Ford | Adi Oasis - “Whisper My Name”

Zaire | Babyface Ray - “Ashanti”

The Joe Budden Podcast
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