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The Joe Budden Podcast

Episode 609 | "The Alley Way"

The Joe Budden Podcast
The Joe Budden Podcast

The JBP returns after taking the weekend off as the gang starts by discussing The Oscars, which took place on Sunday (12:34). Troy Ave testifies on the fatal shooting at Irving Plaza in 2016 (35:00), Logic responds to recent backlash over his Ice Cube cover (58:27), and *Spoiler Alert* Joe and the gang recap BMF’s latest episode which leads to a topic about cheating (1:16:30). Also, Silicon Valley Bank collapses (1:41:11), the two brothers who helped attack Jussie Smollett break their silence (2:01:11), pictures of Ja Morant at a strip club release (2:29:27), + MORE!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Cleo Sol - “Sweet Blue”

Ice | Arsonal da Rebel (feat. FL3A) - “Oppaversary”

Parks | Radamiz, Wiki, & Dom McLennon - “Big Pharma”

Ish | JAHKOY - “Bitter”

Flip | Honey Bxby - “Trouble”

The Joe Budden Podcast
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