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The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Don't Climate Panic


Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the reality of the state of the world; not what the corporate media says, not what the politicians are saying, but a new voice - the voice of data. In the previous two episodes, we looked at the Progress of the Human Race. Today, we are tackling the topic of Climate Change. Are we experiencing an increasingly worsening climate? Is it possible that rising temperatures and tides will kill us all?

Thankfully, there are a growing number of reputable scientists and authors that are presenting a much more optimistic story than the narrative we typically hear. Using the same data sets as many of the climate alarmists, people like Bjorn Lomborg, Michael Shellenberger, Marian Tupy, and Matt Ridley have been speaking to the idea that climate change is real, it’s just not the apocalyptic threat that we’ve been told it is.

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